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hello lovely!

I'm so glad you're here. 

I'm Kaila

Becoming a mom has taught me just how fast time moves. One of my life pillars now is to slow down and feel everything, regardless good or bad. These milestones are life changing, and I'm here to embrace it all.


I am here for the small things in life, the very things that shape us. Like love languages, flowers on the kitchen table, playing your favorite song at max volume in your car, and laughing so hard that there's no sound.


I want your visual story to bring you those same feelings that you felt that same day. It's my goal to bring out the nostalgia, feed your soul of those memories that give us butterflies in our tummies with each feeling, sad or happy.

The true candidness of each and every moment.


Celebrating your love through the creation of natural honest connection, for the big love occasions, life milestones, and to the in-between candid moments.

some of my

Farmstrong Cider Company Wedding 

Farmstrong Cider-Alberta Wedding Photographer 78.jpg
Cochrane Ranchouse Wedding 03.jpg

Cochrane Ranchehouse Wedding

Cochrane Ranchouse Wedding 13-2.jpg
Farmstrong Cider-Alberta Wedding Photographer 20.jpg
50thParallelEstateWinery-Okanagan Photographer10.jpg

50th Parallel Estate Wedding

Okanagan Wedding Photographer-50thParallelWedding 01.jpg

Rainy Edmonton Farm Wedding

Alberta Backyard Wedding Photographer 46.jpg
Alberta Backyard Wedding Photographer 37.jpg


Want both Maternity & Newborn photos?! This is perfect for you! This custom combined package session includes a Maternity Session AND a Newborn Session that saves you $150 (instead of booking separately!)

Her warm and bubbly personality made us feel less nervous about being in front of the camera, and she was able to suggest great locations for both our engagement and wedding photos.

Finding a great photographer is a difficult task, and we did a lot of research. We were so lucky to discover Kaila and have her shoot both our engagement and wedding photos. Her warm and bubbly personality made us feel less nervous about being in front of the camera, and she was able to suggest great locations for both our engagement and wedding photos. On the wedding day, she was incredibly professional and organized and was able to keep things moving with all the family members and friends we wanted to include. Kaila is a very talented photographer, and she captured our day beautifully. Our photos capture the memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you!

Cole & Laura Geier

Farmstrong Cider-Alberta Wedding Photographer 82.jpg
If your question is not answered here, please send me an email - let's chat about your wedding or session! 
for everything you're wanting to know
  • What kind of wedding day packages do you have?
    I offer half day (5 hrs) and full days (8hrs & 10 hrs). I can also offer custom packages depending on what you require!
  • How do I book ?
    hit that "inquire" button either at the top of the menu, or at the bottom of the main page. Do it, I know you want to.
  • When will I get my images?
    I'm usually so freaking excited for you to see your pictures that I'll most likely post a few to social (@kanderphoto on IG) and a mini gallery with sneak peaks. For regular sessions, you'll have your images in a professional online gallery in around 3 weeks. For weddings, you'll get sneak peaks delivered via an online gallery within a few days after your wedding cause holy heck I love reliving the day as much as you do. Your final wedding gallery will be ready within 60 days. If you need images for a celebratory invitation (hello, save the date cards!) or a Christmas card a little sooner, let me know ! I'll try to work a little more speedy to get you an image or two quicker. This has to be discussed with me prior to the shoot though!
  • How many images will I get?
    I can never say exactly! There are a lot of variables to consider and never promise a specific amount. I photograph a lot of images through the duration of your wedding or session, and give you all the gooders. I don't believe that I should be withholding images or charging extra - whether you want the image or decide that you need it, is up to you, when you see your final completed gallery!
  • What do I WEAR?
    well if it isn't your wedding day, cause I'm sure you've had what to wear planned for a while - I'll send you a brief Session Guide that gives you tips & tricks regarding what to wear! But most importantly, dress to be YOU and to be COMFORTABLE. If you are not comfortable in your clothes, it will show in your images.
  • I'm worried I'll be awkward in front of the camera!
    I can bet your bottom dollar that you won't be! It's my job to make sessions fun, and guide you with posing & prompts that feel natural for you. I may get you to do silly things like walk weird, spin, or I'll even crack a dad joke ! Whatever we do, I'll make sure you get photos that you feel good in.
  • Will you photoshop me?
    Nope! I celebrate you as you are, in every day beauty, in open and honest love. Your story is yours, and not for me to change. I will however, edit out anything majorly distracting in the background (goodbye bright yellow yield sign!), and general skin blemishes.
  • Do you shoot with a second photographer?
    Most of my wedding photography experience comes from shooting solo - I love blending into the vulnerable and emotional moments to photograph candidly and quietly. You always have the option to book a second if you'd like though! Having a second photographer is great when logistics are concerning (i'd love to be in two places at once but I have yet to figure that one out!), or when the guest list is over 150; or really anytime you feel you want extra coverage!
  • How much experience do you have in shooting weddings?
    I've been shooting weddings since 2016 after graduating from the Digital Photography Program at Centre for Arts & Technology in the Okanagan in 2015.

client love

If I'm doing something right, I want to keep doing it. 

Reviews help me keep up with needs and they also help others, like you, to make confident decisions about booking me. 

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