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Farmstrong Cider Company Wedding

Billy + Robynn

Billy & Robynn started their day at The Castle at Swan Lake Hotel, just outside of Vernon. Billy was his normal calm-cool-collected and self, and Robynn was all smiles. These two may have been a little nervous, but I think they were really just giddy hehe. They are SO in love, and I could tell they couldn't wait for their moments of "I Do's". ​Robynns bouquet featured an African Protea flower, to commemorate her time there. I have never seen anything like it!

The couple chose to do a first look in the orchid at Farmstrong Cider. In the hot sun, Billy saw his soon-to-be wife for the first time. After some stunning portraits of these two, we welcomed in the bridal party - a fun bunch that handled the hot weather like champs.

The Ceremony took place in the middle of the orchid at the Cidery. They wrote personal vows, and my heart had completely melted in hearing about the love these two have for eachother. The Vows. Oh the vows - I have never heard such poetic and personalized vows. I wish I had a copy of them - they were better than the vows in the movie "the Vow" (you know, with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams). Yeah. ​

Once we all recovered from the vows and wiped our eyes, they exchanged rings & sealed everything with a kiss - Hello Mr. & Mrs.!

After photos with family & friends, we gathered into the heritage barn for the reception to begin. Robynn's parents welcomed everyone and went over the housekeeping items, including the fact that the newlyweds chose to eat last! They wanted their guests, their family and friends, to enjoy the meal first. Now if that isn't a pure example of how genuine and sweet these two are, I don't know what else is. With some impromptu speeches / sharing of silly memories from additional family & friends, dinner was ready.

Afterwards, we snuck out for some quiet sunset / dusk photos. This part of the day is always my favorite. I believe it is so important for couples to take a few minutes to themselves, to look back onto the buzzing and humming reception hall, and take it all in. It's their wedding day, the start of a new chapter. The remainder of the reception included speeches, reminiscing of favorite memories, doing shot-ski's and a whole lot of dancing.

It was a beautiful day full of beautiful people and moments. I cherish being witness to days like this!

Congratulations again, to you, Billy & Robynn.


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