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Michael + Hilary| April 16, 2017

Kelowna, British Columbia

I met Hilary back when I was in high school. I was in grade 12, and she was in 11, but we had 1 class together. And that 1 class had us do just 1 project together and that's all it took. We were instantly friends. 

I like to say that we are famous for sitting in coffee shops until they close, we do that exactly, even if we aren't technically "famous" for it. Too often then not, we are the last ones in there and getting told to leave because 4 hours later, we haven't ran out of conversation. Her and Michael currently live in Vancouver so when I went to visit a few weeks ago, we were due for a catch up. Knowing the history of our lengthy "tea dates", we headed to a 24/hr cafe. Hallelujah all of our silent prayers had been answered ! We left when we felt like it, not because the cafe was closing and yet, we were still trying to cram everything in as Michael drove us back (thanks Michael!). 

Fast forward to Easter Weekend, they were in town visiting family and Hilary messaged me to coordinate a photo session followed by wine at our place. Although the day started out sunny, and by evening we had welcomed clouds, it was still a perfect evening. 

Together, Michael and Hilary have such a connection. These two just GET each other on that type of level you know is true love. The way that Michael looks at Hilary in those tender moments, and the way that Hilary can make Michael laugh; these two are SO great to be around. 

I wish all the happiness to these two people. I believe we will be good friends for a long time. Thank you again for the visit - until next time ! <3

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