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{ kan-der } - noun
the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression; candidness.

Kaila Anderson

● believer that love conquers all ● empath ● donut eater ● white wine drinker ● horrible joke cracker ● user of too many exclamation points ● 90's babe ● Leo ●
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Kander Photography comes from my first initial and a portion of my last name combined. Coincidentally, it's also the Phonetic spelling of the word Candor.
This is the base of my business and how I approach photographing your love; to remain open and honest through expression and candidness. 

Who I AM
What I DO

Born & Raised in Saskatchewan.  Heart Found in British Columbia. 

Growing and Becoming in Alberta.


At 18 years old I moved 13+ hours away from everything that was familiar - I so deeply craved the freedom of self discovery. I called Kelowna home for almost 8 years. I've now gotten married, relocated to back Alberta, and have had a beautiful baby boy. I have never felt more myself than in the unchartered territory of motherhood.

I'm an old soul and I take pride in that, and not just because I love a good jam sesh to Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen or ABBA! 

I'm surprisingly an introvert at heart, so shooting weddings has been a really great way to push me out of my comfort zone! I'm also a night-owl creative - I'm most productive and do my best work when the house is asleep. 


Becoming a mom has taught me just how fast time moves. One of my life pillars now is to slow down and feel everything, regardless good or bad. These milestones are life changing, and I'm here to embrace it all. 


I am here for the small things in life, the very things that shape us. Like love languages, flowers on the kitchen table, and the smell of coffee first thing in the morning.


I want your visual story to bring you those same feelings that you felt that same day. It's my goal to bring out the nostalgia, feed your soul of those memories that give us butterflies in our tummies. The true candidness of each and every moment.

As your photographer, I will:

make you get cozy

encourage you to be silly 

have you walk through a bush or tall grass

suggest running weird through a field or bluff

also talk lots, and make sure you have a blast! 

I also may:

do a weird happy dance

squeal loudly in excitement

become your biggest fan

And yes, at a wedding, you're guaranteed to see me cry more than once, I'm such a softy!

may this be the
of a beautiful FRIENDSHIP

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a few of my

client love

If I'm doing something right, I want to keep doing it. 

Reviews help me keep up with needs and they also help others, like you, to make confident decisions about booking me. 

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