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In Home Newborn Session for Sweet Emma

Updated: Jun 8

The Cooper Family

I don't think there's a word to describe how much I friggen love in-home newborn sessions. After becoming a mom myself, it is so special to be welcomed into my clients' home to meet their newest & littlest addition. It's almost like I get to relive those first newborn days over again!

These sessions are so sweet, the time moves slow based on baby - the yawns, the squeaks, the feeds, the changes. We let baby dictate what happens and when it happens. I mean, isn't that how it always goes once they enter this world? Lol.

Laura & Neil just welcomed their 3rd baby shortly after a large move and within a home renovation. They made it look effortless!

I loved the way baby Emma crashed in her dad's arms and snuggled with her two older protective siblings - and peep those stretches at the end of the blog ;)

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