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In Home Newborn Session for Baby Blair

The Vandyken Family

I've known Alyssa & Andrew for many years now - we have shared so many memories and moments together when we all lived in Kelowna. Heck, I even remember sitting in my old little green Jetta for an hour outside of a house party, listening to Alyssa talk about "this guy" she met, and how smitten she was. I remember her saying that she just felt this connection and couldn't describe it.

Fast forward a little while, we met Andrew. The four of us drank all kinds of boozie bevvies around firepits, drove eachother home at wee hours,, made breakfast smorgs, and went on camping trips and all kinds of other shenanigans - some stories are better left told in person LOL.

So when the time came that we had decided to move, it was bittersweet. Our lives taking us in different directions, yet still rooting and cheerleading from afar. I was sad that I wasn't able to meet their oldest Taya, as a newborn, but when they had relocated to Saskatoon we saw them just a few months later!

We make a point to make a yearly trip there, and they here. Our kids laughing and playing together, and us further bonding through the struggles and triumphs of parenting over pizza & drinks. Being friends with them is easy, unconditional and just plain food for the soul.

When their 2nd little girlie had arrived, it was coincidentally around the same time of year that we were to make our trip. So thus, photos. It's truly the best gift I can gift someone as they welcome another beautiful tiny person to their family. Taya wasn't too sure of her baby sister Blair just yet, but we did at least get a couple photos of the two of them.

These two, are lifers ya'll and I'm forever thankful.


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